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FSBO Assistance

For Sale By Owner - Attention

Augment your marketing!  Get the best of both!

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Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is now offering to augment your marketing efforts with partnering with ACHR and receiving all the power of the Multiple Listing Services and/or Google Internet Web Site Positioning.  Through utilizing an EA (Exclusive Agency format as described below) agreement, you can get the power of SIX (6) MLS, our Google position strength, our professional team, and continue to market your property yourself.   


Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. also has a Referral Program, if you need just a boaster on the web.  Google the terms "Adirondack Real Estate" or "Adirondack Properties for Sale" or "Adirondack Lakefront Properties" or "Adirondack Homes For Sale".  You will see us as #1, and we are on page one with many other terms.  NAR quotes 90% start their search for real estate on the web.  Do you want to boast you Internet Ranking quickly?



Yes, you can market yourself AND list with a Realtor at the same time!



 By law, there are three ways a client can list with a real estate agency.  Basic outline: 

  • Open Listing - a simple agreement with a real estate agency that allows them to sell your property.  The property owner can list with hundreds of agencies at a time.  However, Open Listings are not allowed in any multiple listing services.  So, while this can augment your FSBO listing, it only helps if the agency has a strong marketing position such as ACHR does.

  • Exclusive Agency - a contract agreement with only one real estate agency whereby the contract states that if you, the owner of the property, find a buyer you will not have to pay a commission to the Broker.   This is most helpful for FSBO marketing!  You can be in the MLS AND FSBO market at the same time!  ACHR also, if you wish, will co-broke back to you should you find your own buyer and need assistance in the closing of the property.  We won't desert you.

  • Exclusive Right To Sell - a contract agreement with one real estate agency whereby the contract states that the company is totally responsible for all phases of marketing and sales.   ACHR takes this position seriously for our clients and do extensive Internet marketing and MLS marketing.  If you get tired of marketing, we'll be happy to take over.  View our Listing Services for more details.

ACHR also offers a FSBO Referral Program. 

If you just need just a bit of Internet boasting, ACHR offers a FSBO Referral Program.   You owe NOTHING until it sells.  We'll place your property on our high ranking web site(s) and send all the leads for you to you direct.   The program works just like a Broker Referral.  As you are your own Agent, we are pleased to offer the same referral process direct to the owners. 

Just a note, according to the National Association of REALTORS the median home price for sellers who use a licensed agent is 16 percent higher than a home sold directly by the owner. Selling a home is a complex transaction that takes time, effort and expertise.


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