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Oak Mountain Ski Center Reopens for 2008


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Chamber News, Speculator Chamber of Commerce

Recreation Update, Bob Carr


    "The headline news this past month was the reopening of Oak Mountain Ski Center for the 2008 season.  Many downhill skiers rejoiced at this development, however it was not just good news for the skiers; it was also an opportunity for the old "Oak Mountain" snowmobile trail connecting the Village of Speculator to Page Hill trail to be reopened.


    The Chamber of Commerce and the Pleasant Riders Snowmobile Club met with the village and town officials and received permission to clear and brush the trail.  Members of the Pleasant Riders and D.R.A.G. (Dedicated Residents to Area Grooming) quick attacked the trail that had 10 years of growth and blow down and, within a few weeks the trail was ready for winter activities.  Not only will this new/old trail bring snowmobilers to Oak Mountain, it will also provide a second trail leading up to Page Hill to Perkins Clearing.


      The Town of Lake Pleasant built new snowmobile bridges along Route 30, while the snowmobile club brushed and cleared trails southeast of the Village of Speculator.  This new trail, LP4A, will be connect the Village of Speculator to three parking areas as well as the Speculator Tree Farm off Old Route 30.  Thanks to all the people that worked so hard to make this trail happen.


   Negotiations between the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Chamber of Commerce regarding the snowmobile trails within Perkins Clearing and the Speculator Tree Farm were completed for this year  The final plan resulted in the loss of only a few key snowmobile trails, mainly the "Fly Creek Trail", S41D, in the Speculator Tree Farm  The Chamber will work in conjunction with local officials, the local snowmobile  clubs and the New York State Snowmobile Association to regain all the trials lost when the DEC brings the easement up for public review.  The 2008 Chamber Snowmobile Trail Map reflected all of the new trail changes in the area and the map was distributed in late November



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