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Call our office to discuss your needs at 518-569-8884 or click here to e-mail a request to be contacted by one of our agents. If you prefer to communicate by e-mail, please include as much information as possible.


Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. (ACHR) provides many "added value services (click here)" to our listing customers.  One major advantage of listing with ACHR, is that each listing is combined with our main office to provide exposure on SIX multiple listing services*. We believe we need to provide maximum exposure with our Realtor colleagues, so that other agents are aware of your property.  Basically, you have over 6,500 Professional Realtors working on your behalf!


Besides providing maximum MLS exposure, our agents turn over ever non-MLS service and directory that we can find.  In the past 18 years of business, we have posted, linked and contacted hundreds of Internet directories.  Our Internet networking is done daily because the Internet grows daily!


NYSAR states that the national average of real estate buyers arriving from the Internet is 76%.  We find that 86% of our buyers arrive by our Internet exposure!  All our printed advertising media includes our   Internet sites to visit.  ACHR maintains and hosts over 25 sites on our own servers.  We can have your site up in a day (after all materials are gathered)!  We have a graphic staff on staff, as well as our high speed color digital printers.


Most of all, and our best assets, are our professional and friendly Agents to help you through the process from start to finish, and beyond.  We hope to be your "family" real estate agents.  Contact us for your "FREE" CD explaining more of our services.


Thank you and we look forward to helping you sell your Adirondack Real Estate!