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At Adirondack Country Homes Realty we offer our services to be YOUR representative. When listing your property FOR SALE with us, WE ARE YOUR AGENT!

We are an agency with many creative, talented individuals, from many differing backgrounds.  We are an agency who believes strongly in today's technology.

Computers and the internet have changed the way people do business around the world.  We've been believers in doing business this way since the beginning. Conservatively, 80% of our leads come directly from the internet. Our internet exposure is huge and constantly growing. We design, build, maintain and promote our own technology in everything we do.  We design, host and maintain our own web sites in house on our own on site mainframe servers, we design, print and deliver our own flyers, brochures and postcards. We manually submit your listing to as many outlets as we can for the promotion of your property.  We keep a massive database of everyone who has ever contacted us and what they were looking for.  New listings get cross referenced to that database and an e-mail or phone call is placed to anyone who's interests match the property. We spend countless hours pounding the internet for other ways to search and find properties for sale and implement the processes that work.

Our High Visibility Main Street Offices are all available for a personal, "walk in and talk to an agent relationship".

For the selling of Real Estate, when you list with us, our main concern is having your property "SEEN BY AS MANY EYES AS POSSIBLE".

No one agency can possibly have the right buying customer for any given property.   That's why we cooperate (by way of MLS multiple listing systems) with over 5,000 other agents, all with a multitude of their own clients.  We offer enticing co-broke commissions to get all the help we can to sell your property. 

The person looking for your property could be anywhere, and could be looking with limited knowledge of how to search or have limited resources to work with.  We consider the use of Multiple MLS Systems (overlapping different regions) critical to getting your property seen.  We are members of more MLS Multiple Listing Systems than any other brokerage in the Adirondacks. 

We want to make sure that a prospective buyers knows all about your property.  We put your property into places where everyone can find it.  No matter who they're working with. 


As your agent ...

We will promote exclusive listed properties through six multiple listing systems (MLS) as well as cooperating brokers world wide. We'll have over 6,000 agents assisting you.

We will promote your property on our main world wide web site, Adirondack Country, which is developed and maintained by licensed real estate professionals, not consultants. We also utilize hundreds of other web directories to promote our listed properties and our agency.

We will promote your property on our own sister sites (individual web sites of our own branch offices).

We will promote your property through the use of print advertising, brochures, flyers, and postcards. Our full time artists on staff develop our materials in house.

We will promote your property with graphic presentations, and computerized presentations that can be delivered by mail, fax or e-mail to anywhere in the world in the shortest time possible.  

We will promote your property at our modern office facilities where prospective buyers can peruse our computerized listings.

We will promote your property in the most creative ways we can come up with.  If we see multiple ways to use your property, we will promote your property in all viable scenarios.

INTERNET exposure with Adirondack Country Homes Realty means exposure to over 500,000 hits per month on our main site alone.  Our web sites are designed for consumer simplicity of use and heavy searchability. Prime properties are also posted on sites such as LoopNet, Homestore, Builtforus, forsalebusiness, BizBuySell, My Home Shopper, Prime Waterfront and many others (ask your listing agent where you'll be listed!).  We don't stop at just our own web sites!  We maintain over 400 links! Of course, all of our exclusive listings will be on sites like and

ADVERTISEMENT in our own real estate guides.  These are the same guides the tourists take home, the same guides we mail to beginning searchers and the same guides that locals pick up routinely.  We develop all of our advertising in house on color digital equipment by a Desktop Publisher Designer.  We advertise in local newspapers and national magazines as needed to improve our marketing exposure.

MARKETING - We reach beyond the MLS, the Internet and the local guides, to hunt and seek out - 1) non-MLS agents to assist us, 2) create custom brochures and flyers for special mailings (including our own commercial and residential guides), 3) post flyers in our store fronts where there are live persons, 4) post signage for drive-by exposure of your property, 5) each property is digitally photographed for expeditious delivery to our Internet customers, 6) each property owner has their own personal agent assigned to them, backed by our office teams, to help wade through the selling process, and 7) owner's properties are matched with our extensive 'customer waiting' list.

* not all services provided for all properties